gotta catch 'em all!

Bonjour, mon amie! You have reached Tara's Pokémon subdomain that houses all her lame Pokémon shrines. Named after one of my favourite Pokémon types: Fairy! While this hub is a little bit on the small side, expect it to fill up quite quickly with my favourites as I pop them out. To get started, the bigger images below represent shrines already up, whilst the smaller ones are ideas for the future or sites I'm currently working on.

Looking for layout credits? The image used was found here, while the textures used are all from here. Best viewed in Google Chrome, 800x600px minimum, etc.

Links and Buttons

Check out these rad collectives! And I guess you can link to this site too, with some buttons. (Pssst, remember to upload images to your own server.)

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