Greetings! You have arrived at Grace like Ice—a tiny tribute to my favourite Pokemon, Glaceon! Glaceon was one of the two new Eeveelutions introduced in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum era. All content on this site will focus on the gaming series, starting with DPPt and ending with the most recent addition to the series, XY! This shrine was created for Amassment's Creature Feature Challenge. <3

Navigation is at up top. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Re: Layout

I haven't created a layout in this style for a while! The main graphic is at the bottom instead, which was quite a fun idea. I enlarged a sprite of Glaceon and played around with colours and textures for a bit before finally deciding on a colour scheme. I quite enjoy how it turned out! As usual, feel free to contact me if something is off.

Textures used come from Dearest. This layout is best viewed in Google Chrome, with a minimum of 800x600px resolution.