a world on the reverse side

Greetings and salutations, my dear visitor. Welcome to Antimatter—a small tribute to my favourite Legendary Pokemon, Giratina! Giratina is one of three of the Legendary Pokemon added in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum era. It is the mascot on the Platinum gaming cover, which makes sense due to the added Giratina content of that game. All content on this site will focus on the gaming series, starting with DPPt and ending with the most recent addition to the series, XY.

Navigation is to your left. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Re: Layout

I'm usually really bad at making Dark Layouts™, but this one turned out really good! I think I'm getting better. I also didn't have to make and code a lot of different layouts before I was satisfied with something, and that is an accomplishment. Of course, I used the official artwork of the Origin Forme because the Origin Forme is the best forme! As usual I just spammed textures and messed with colours until I was happy.

Textures used all belong to Dearest, while the pattern used belongs to Cocorini. This layout is best viewed in Google Chrome, with a minimum of 800x600px resolution.