Greetings! You have arrived at Bio—a tiny tribute to my favourite gym leader, Janine! Janine is the poison-type gym leader of Kanto, taking her father--Koga's--place when he steps up as a member of the Elite Four. She is a trained ninja much like her father and specializes in wearing you down with Pokemon specializing in poison.

This shrine takes into consideration one of the newer additions to the series, XY and ORAS.

Navigation is at up top. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Re: Layout

I am back to loving bottom layouts again! This is second featured one, and I had a lot of fun making and coding it. I tried to make it as purple as possible, and I think I did a pretty good job. I hope everything is easy on the eyes! As usual, feel free to contact me if something is off!

The pattern used comes from fivepointsapart. This layout is best viewed in Google Chrome, with a minimum of 800x600px resolution.